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Grappling Dummies Review

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Benefits And Features Of The Best Grappling Dummies


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A grappling dummy is a human-like training device on which you can practice those sweeps, moves, throws and submissions like you would with your partner. These devices are made from tough materials, usually synthetic leather and come in a range of sizes and weights depending on your training needs. They are designed to withstand your hard throws, slams as well as sweeps. Therefore, you can practice over and over again to master how you can apply the same on real people. Grappling dummies serve different purposes, so you want to appreciate your goals before you buy your dummy. If you are a Jiu Jitsu enthusiast, then you are probably going to require a dummy that is built on the ground. On the other hand, MMA trainers would want to a more versatile dummy since all you need is t grapple and strike.


Grappling dummies will help take your game a step higher and if whether you are beginner or a professional, then getting yourself dummy is a great way of improving your strikes among other crucial moves. However, you will have to work for it, because they are relatively pricy, especially if they are large-sized pieces of equipment. However, if you do not want to train quite regularly, say once a week, then you might not require to buy a grappling dummy of your own. Instead, you can opt for training facilities or train with your partners or coaches to help you get the right moves. But the challenge is your work schedules might not allow you time to train gyms offering these services or find coaches during your free time. Therefore, you will likely need to buy your own dummy. If you have decided to buy a dummy, here are a few features you might want to consider before you make a purchase.


Things to consider when buying an MMA grappling dummy


The Best Grappling Dummy Will Have Good Durability


The goals of a BJJ grappling dummy is to help you practice those tough and hardy moves, including beating them up, throws, sweeps, dragging them across the floor and submissions. All these things mean that a weak dummy won’t just withstand the sessions for a long time. The dummy should be designed from high-grade materials that are not going to wear out or rip easily when exposed to a lot of these tough things.


Stitch work of your jiujitsu dummy


Ensure that the stitch work is perfect to avoid arms, legs or head coming off the dummy upon applying a bit of pressure. Although high-quality jiujitsu dummies are pricy, they are engineered to last longer than cheap dummies on the market. Therefore, you need to buy your dummy if you are serious about investing in something that will give you good service. So, there is no reason of buying a cheap product that is going to fall apart as soon as you begin practicing on it.


Flexibility of your wrestling dummy


Your wrestling dummy should not be stiff and immobile because the moves will involve turning them around, submitting to them and twisting them to get the right skills. You are not going to practice your moves as though you were doing it on a heavy log lying on the ground. You are going to put your dummy into chokes, armbars, holds, leg locks and all other submission moves you can ever imagine. This means that a stiff dummy will give you a hard time moving it into the correct position you need it to be in. But again you don’t want your dummy to be far too flexible, because you need that resistance to help you improve. The objective is to have a dummy that will help you get better and better. You need to use some bit of effort and energy when training wit a dummy for your body to adapt to the real circumstances similar to when you face a partner or competitor.




Grappling dummies are designed to resemble human beings as much as possible, so you want to be certain that you obtain a dummy that is the size of an average person you will be grappling with. But this does not mean that you buy a dummy that weighs the same as a human being, because this is not going to be easy or even practical. Remember that grappling is not something that is live but rather “dead weight”. Therefore, you will decide your own size and weight that suits your needs. If you a heavy person, it will be impractical to get a lighter dummy and vice versa. This also applies to height. Do not buy a dummy that is shorter or taller than you, because you will not be grappling with people who are not of your size. Therefore, try as much as possible to get a dummy that is close the size of your opponent.


The Type of fabric being used on your judo dummy


Your judo dummy should be made from very durable materials such as vinyl coating and polyester to withstand all manner of moves it will be subjected to. Polyester and leather are the most common materials used to make dummies because they are durable. In addition, the materials allow for complete 360 degree manoeuvrability when the equipment is thrown, kicked, twisted around.


Design of the jiujitsu wrestling dummies


The design of the equipment should allow for almost if not all moves. For example, for submissions, you want your dummy to have arms and legs in an upright and outstretched posture to allow for a variety of submissions to be practiced.

Grappling equipment are generally difficult to decide on, and amateurs as well as professionals need to consider the above factors before purchasing one. Consult your trainer or designer to help you make a selection that will not only be worth your money, but also help you get the right drills.