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Liana has been once again in silence. Now, when I think of that moment, George has recognized his defeat. The chat was finished but the years went by George repeatedly he stopped talking to that. He was a long time ago that the Liana DECTER wants a kind of permission to be permanently Audrey Beck. This new person was not even more than three months, but it should have thought it was possible to fully pour out his previous skin. They sat in the half-hour that half-completed building; they were starting to chill. They hug each other to warm up. He remembered that the George hip is whining and the Liana was chilling. They kissed; George saw the wetness in his open eyes. They touch each other over their clothes. George suggested to go to the dorm room of both of them. No. Liana was thoroughly inserted to him, opened the pants zip and took his penis in his mouth. SHE had done this before, but only 192 was a short-driving preliminary experience and he had kept himself hard to avoid George. She wasn’t stretched to George and he focused on the main. He looked at the sky and stared at the sky. At the end, the Liana stopped until the stiffness was discharged and stiffness. Just like their previous conversation, this stage has been deleted from George’s memory since that day. And now, George found himself in a face to face with Liana, as long as the nausea and drug needle. First dream or dead and the most of your life

He thought he was back to his happy moment. But then Liana’s eyes opened and George also noticed that the moment he saw the fear in those eyes, the hands and ankles were connected. Came to the smell of petrol on your nose; The rhythmic murmur of a motor and the water sound that multiply was hearing. There was a green tarpaulin over their heads, he could see Liana’s facial lines in the sunshine daylight. Where are we? said itself in a voice that he doesn’t even know. This speech effort has led to a much more rotation of his head, he felt like you fly uncontrollably in the space. Stretched by stretching the rope that connects it to the place when he was greying. The wrists hurt as to be cut. A cough crisis began after the gesture passes; Ages were flowing from their indoor eyes. The coughing has also returned to normal after passing. Looked at Liana. The woman had managed to slide somewhere from him, but she also depended as George. Are you okay? liana asked. George’s throat and mouth were covered by braving. His stomach is still, it’s closed your eyes to suppress it. You’ve been hit with drug rifle, said Liana. I know, he said George open your eyes. Where are we? On Donnie’s boat. Or, I guess I guess you know his real name. Bernie. Right. Will kill us. The boat was violently overwhelmed by exceeding a wave. At the time, George felt that something is rolling in 193 k.ILHMUUU LI C.In: He tried to turn his head, but all he can see was the tarpaulin on top of them.

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