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Submission Master

Only here you are always welcome, together with great zeus slot you have no equal! Grappling can be one of the most competitive and exciting of sports to take up. However, before you become good at it you need to invest your time in training. If you are lucky enough to belong to a club you can find training partners for a few sessions but that is hardly ever enough to sharpen skills and move you to the next level. This is why it is wise to consider getting a Submission Master grappling dummy. A look at some of its features and how it an be of benefit to you can be key to making up your mind.




The grappling dummy weighs between 80 and 85 lbs making it one of the most ideal in the market today. Most experts in the sport advise people to go for dummies that weigh this much because it helps them develop skills while practicing on a dummy that weighs almost the same as a real competitor. The weight allows you to move the dummy from one point to another without much difficulty.


The construction


The dummy is covered with 1000 Denier Cordura which is one of the most exceptional of materials in the industry today. This material makes it possible for you to train gently or fiercely without the risk of wear and tear that may come up as a result of friction and constant nail contact. With machine sewn seams you can be sure that this training dummy will remain in good condition for years to come.




The grappling dummy is built to conform to the height of a 6 foot tall individual. This gives you the ability to practice on a human-like dummy. The advantage of such height is that when you face an opponent of this height you will not feel intimidated and will have the reflexes needed to engage in a positive manner.




One of the most important things for you to consider when purchasing a dummy for practice is the cost. The dummy should not be too cheap because that is an indication of low quality. Instead it should be available at an average cost. This particular product is available at a rate of $497.


The benefits of the dummy


The dummy is designed with arms and legs that return back to their original position without any need for you to do it. This allows you to concentrate on your reps without having to spend too much time on repositioning. The automatic repositioning makes it feel as if you are actually engaging a real human opponent.


The legs are bent at the hip which is a unique design when compared to any other products in the market today. This design allows you to practice more jiu jitsu, submission and grappling techniques. At the end of the day you will have an edge over individuals that only practice using the other dummies in the market.


The dummy can posture on its knees and elbows which is ideal for anyone that wishes to sharpen skills in quarter or turtle position and sprawl position. With a better grip on these techniques you are likely to overcome any opponent that comes up against you in a an actual event. It is worth pointing out that when laid on its back, it holds its arms and legs in an up position. This allows you to practice all techniques related to submission without having to lift and hold the limbs in position.


The dummy keeps its legs up making it easy for you to exercise your guard passing and leglock skills from inside guard. The Submission Master also kneels up inside your guard which is a good position for you to practice triangles, arm bars, sweeps, triangle chokes and omo platas.