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Especially the surroundings of the fish market overlooking the coastal road. In addition, the coastal walking part starting from the IDO Pier to the boiling area, although there is activity during the day, the beach part is left to gays with the hands of the families and those who go out to wander in the evening. There are lone types whose purpose is to only drink alcohol. It is worth paying attention to these while trying to have a conversation “.

Umraniye Cakmak Mh. Park – Map forecast Reported by a site visitor “The park at the beginning of Samanyolu Street before you come to Çakmak Bridge from Ümraniye. When you go down, you may meet someone There are generally mature types, which is not too trusted for the already young ones. You can stop by the park by car. There are promenades and Tea talks can be held in Beltur.

It becomes more lively in summer evenings .. There is not a very distinctive environment. Unfortunately, there are no gay-friendly hotels for local customers in Istanbul.

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Follow us. Istanbul Gay Ride Zones. Overnight, person! Because most of them do not have the money to have surgery. Now he knows his wife’s true disposition; He says, “It is a pity for my spouse and me,” “I have been married for 16 years. Since the first years of our marriage, we had very little sexual relations with my wife. We had a daughter. My wife did not show me enough interest and love, and when it comes to sexual intercourse, she was running away from water with excuses.

If there was someone else in my place, he would describe it as a perversion and kill his wife and lovers. However, this is not the fault of homosexuals.

She stayed in the palace until the age of sixteen and went through a deep court education. Prince Selim continued his education in the provinces where he served as a sancakbey and increased his knowledge. During this time, he especially made an effort to attend science and conversation councils. While he was in Kütahya, he gathered around twenty scholars, poets and artists, and took a close interest in them.

Mahmud, Murad, Mehmed and Abdullah, the princes of Kanunî, died of their own deaths. Some documents emerged that he sent letters to the governors of Erzurum and Diyarbekir and wanted to take his side. Selim Han walked 69. Şehzade Selim, who had the support of his father, won this fight.

Kanuni requested that his rebellious son be returned with correspondence with Shah Tahmasb. Now the way to reign was open to him. In fact, II. Prince Mustafa and Şehzade Bayezid had embarked on a guardianship struggle years ago. Bayezid, on the other hand, was supported by his father, mother and vizier.

In this case, there was no light of hope for Şehzade Selim. Selim sought the poor and the Mawla. Selim Han was almost tall, medium height, open forehead, hazel eyes and blond. It is rumored that he is very similar to his mother. He was extraordinarily skilled in hunting and drawing bows, and there was no one who pulled a stronger bow than him in his time.

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